Making it official – Blogging Hiatus

Over the last year, I’m sure you’ve noticed that my posts have become increasingly less frequent. I still love blogging and still want to be sharing recipes, but have been in a position where “something’s gotta give” and most of the time it’s been the blog. It’s been a challenging year career-wise, and I’ve discovered that teaching and blogging are particularly difficult to balance. I’ve been plugging along, baking when I get the urge and posting when I can, but I’m taking a different tack at this point.

With another major life change imminent, I’ve decided to officially put my blog on hold for a few months. Baby will be here within the next few days (today is actually my due date, and I’ll likely be induced by the weekend) and I’ll be devoting my time and energy to him/her. Once we survive the newborn phase, I’m sure I’ll be baking for my family (and stress relief/entertainment!) I’ll be on instagram from time to time with food and life photos. (Family/friends, make sure you’re following my personal insta as well, since that’s where I’ll be posting baby pictures!) I’ll still be following my favourite bloggers and FBC friends, and will try to comment and share content when I can.

My plan is to be back in a few months with a better vision and plan for the future of the Bluenose Baker. I’m at a bit of a crossroads career-wise as well, and the decisions I make there will influence what direction I go with the blog.

Thank you for your readership and I look forward to connecting with you in a few months!



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