Friday Five – Favourite Food Magazines

I love magazines. I’m a major book lover (see some of my summer faves here) and truth be told I’ll read anything with words, but magazines are a weakness. Seventeen in high school, Cosmo in university, I’ve gone through many phases. Women’s World was actually one of my favourite magazines as a kid…don’t ask…I have no explanation! Of course, these days it’s all about food magazines.

Over the long weekend I decided to go through all of my magazines and clip the recipes I wanted to keep. This was what I rounded up from various baskets and shelves:


And most of these were acquired since our move in May; I had purged pretty well while packing! It also doesn’t include a few issues of Glamour, Hello Canada and other non-recipe magazines kicking around here somewhere. We did the free trial of Next Issue last year and I was in heaven…I’d have subscribed if it wasn’t for the fact that I like to have hard copies of my recipes.

So here you have it – today’s Friday Five is my 5 top food magazines!


Food Network Magazine

This is probably one of the most “fun” food magazines, with lots of bright colors and silly facts. I like seeing recipes from some of my favourite celebrity chefs. Some of the recipes are a little fancier or more decadent than I’d typically make, but the “Weeknight Cooking” section sometimes has good ideas. My mom subscribes, so I usually borrow her copy.

Cooking Light

Cooking Light

I find this the most “informative” of my magazine choices. I usually learn something about a technique or ingredient I wasn’t familiar with. Sometimes there are a bunch of recipes I want to make, but other times there’s not much. I always enjoy reading it though. I pick up a copy every few months when the cover catches my eye in the checkout line.


All Recipes

While I use All Recipes occasionally, it’s not my favourite recipe site. However, I really enjoy their magazine. It’s simple and down-to-earth, and I always find recipes I want to make. I like that it adds comments and suggestions from website readers for each recipe. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about paying money for recipes I can get online, but there’s enough other content in the magazine that it’s worth it. I can only find it in certain places here, so I tend to grab an issue when I see one.

Canadian living

Canadian Living

My mom has subscribed to Canadian Living for a long time, and I’ve always enjoyed reading it. Our media is so full of non-Canadian content it’s nice to read something that feels a bit closer to home. I like the lifestyle and health content as well as the recipes, and appreciate the Canadian perspective on all of them! It’s nice to see recipes featuring local ingredients and specialties. I “steal” my mom’s issues of this one too.

Family Circle

Family Circle

This is another magazine that’s not solely about food. Because it’s family-oriented, the recipes are really appealing to picky eaters, and I often find ones we’d like. I enjoy the rest of the magazine as well. Bonus points – it’s cheap compared to the others on the list. I bought a subscription during my school’s magazine sale last year (and even got a bear keychain as a selling bonus!)

Some others of note:

My current overall favourite magazine is Real Simple – but that’s more for the organizing tips and features. Their recipes very rarely match up with our tastes.

I also like checking out Taste of Home and Ricardo at my grandmother’s house. I love browsing through the Taste of Home and Better Homes and Gardens special editions, but holy Toledo those things are expensive!

So there you have it, my current favourite food magazines! Tell me about yours in the comments! Are there any others I should check out?


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