Friday Five – Favourite Returning TV Shows

School has started, there’s a bit of a chill in the air – fall is definitely coming. While I’m sorry to see summer go, fall does come with some bonuses. My anniversary, colorful leaves – and the return of regular TV schedules. Today’s Friday Five features the television shows whose return I’m anxiously awaiting!

I’m not a huge TV watcher, but I like having something to tune in to when I’m finished with work for the night, or when the mosquitoes chase me in from the garden or deck. And this summer has been a bit of a TV bust. Once The Amazing Race Canada and Hollywood Game Night started, things got a bit better, but June was pretty slow (and rainy, so I wanted to be inside in front of the TV!) We resorted to Jeopardy and random British shows on PBS (Though I quite enjoyed The Crimson Fields and my husband is hooked on Poldark.)

Consequently, I’m really looking forward to some favourite shows starting again! Though I’ll warn you, I think my TV habits make me look about 40 years older than my actual age! I’m not into any of the shows that the internet tells me are “cool.” We mostly watch shows on network TV, on an actual television! We don’t use Netflix or Hulu or any streaming services. My one concession to the 21st century is the DVR – we rarely watch anything live.

They may not be super cool, but these are the shows that I enjoy. I’m looking forward to hearing about the shows you’re looking forward to!

PicMonkey Collage

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD

Fire    PD

NBC (in the US)/Global (in Canada)

Chicago PD Premiere: Wednesday, September 30th

Chicago Fire Premiere: Tuesday, October 13

Chicago Med Premiere: Tuesday, November 17

The Chicago shows are so intertwined it’s hard to consider them separate entities, so I’m lumping them all into one category. “Fire” follows the lives of the crew of Firehouse 51, and “PD” the Intelligence team of the police force. Their paths cross when they work the same cases, but they’re also joined by family ties, friendships and romantic relationships. The action of the fires, accidents and shootouts keeps you on your toes, but what really keeps me watching is the characters and relationships. I really think that you need to watch both shows to catch everything that goes on, and I imagine that won’t change when Chicago Med joins the family.

How to Get Away with Murder

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder" Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom, Billy Brown as Nate, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Katie Findlay as Rebecca, Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins, Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo and Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh.  (ABC/Craig Sjodin)


Premiere: Thursday September 24

We started watching How to Get Away with Murder last year mostly because the commercials were intriguing and then got hooked. It’s about 5 law students interning for their professor – and they spent last season covering up a murder. Last season had a lot of secrets, flashbacks and flash forwards, and I was constantly trying to keep track of who knew what – it keeps you on your toes. The first season had one central plot line, and I’m interested to see how it continues into another season. Lots of great kick-butt female characters (what you’d expect from Shonda Rimes, who created it, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.) Make sure the kids are in bed before watching – there’s a lot of sex.

Big Bang Theory



Premiere: Monday, September 21 (Back to Thursdays on November 5th)

While I loved the first few seasons of Big Bang Theory, it doesn’t do quite so much for me anymore. But it stays in the rotation because it’s the only comedy we watch, and every now and then, it’s hysterical.

Blue Bloods



Premiere: Friday, September 25

Blue Bloods is a show that I think falls under the radar. It’s not fancy or flashy or sexy, it doesn’t leave you scratching your head wondering what just happened, but that’s exactly the kind of TV I want on a Friday night. It’s a cop show, but at its core it’s about family – the New York Police commissioner and his adult children: a beat cop, a detective and an ADA (plus Grandpa and assorted spouses and kids.)

Downton Abbey



Premiere: January 3, 2016

Downton premieres on September 20th for those of you in the UK (or who manage to stream it from across the pond) but over here we’re waiting until after Christmas. I’m sad that this is the final season but excited to see how they wrap it up.

Bonus (because I can never have just 5 items on a Friday Five!)

Person of Interest



Person of Interest is coming back sometime in 2016 for a shortened final season, which is why it didn’t make my top five outright. I think it deserves a mention because the concept is really intriguing. It a little creepy by times (AI and government surveillance) and you need to pay attention but the characters are a lot of fun.

Fire and Murder

What TV shows are you looking forward to this fall? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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