Friday Five – Favourite Food Websites

Summer finally showed up in Nova Scotia last week, and it’ was crazy hot. Temperatures in the high 20s, feeling like the mid-30s with the humidity. I’ve been trying very hard not to complain about the heat, since I certainly complained enough about the cold all winter! To me, a sunny summer day means I should be outside, and the concept of “too hot to go outside” seems very odd! But there were a few afternoons last week when that was the reality. I certainly wasn’t baking in this heat, so I’ve been playing around on the computer, sitting in front of the fan or in the cool basement!

To make all that computer time a little more productive, today’s Friday Five features my five favourite food websites!


I discovered my first food blogs way back in university, when I was learning how to cook for myself. A clicked link or a googled recipe would lead me to a new site, and I soon had quite a list I was following. Eventually, after years of loyal reading, the idea of starting my own blog occurred to me, and here you are! My favourite sites have fluctuated greatly throughout the years – but here are five that are long-time faves and current loves.

The Pioneer Woman

Year ago, this was the first food blog I discovered. The photography is gorgeous, and I love all of the step-by-step photos (and have tried to incorporate a similar approach here.) The writing style and commentary always make me giggle. The cooking section is just one part of the website, and I enjoy reading the posts about ranch life, renovations and homeschooling too. I don’t make as many of her recipes anymore, as they tend to be a bit decadent, but recipes of hers like BBQ Meatballs and Cinnamon Toast are staples in our rotation.

Our Best Bites

If I had to pick a favourite food blog, right now OBB would be the current winner. Their food philosophy pretty much matches my own – fresh ingredients and mostly healthy choices with a few treats. Their recipes are innovative while still family-friendly, and not crazy-complicated but don’t rely on packaged shortcuts. Their posts are very-down to earth and relatable –I seriously talk about Sara and Kate like I know them in real life. Their non-food posts have been focused on fitness lately – which has been a good motivator to help me get into a workout routine! My husband would be totally happy to eat Spicy Honey Chicken and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies every week.

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Reading Sally’s blogging story and her “How to start a food blog” posts are what first gave me the idea that maybe I could do this. Her blog has stunning photos, and so many sweet treats. The number of peanut butter recipes was what first drew me in! There are occasionally savory/ main dish posts, but this blog is mostly about baking – cookies, cupcakes, pies, you name it. My husband loves her Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The Kitchn.

This is my most recent internet addiction. It’s a site full of recipes, articles, lists and tutorials about everything to do with the kitchen. It covers ingredients, grocery shopping, meal planning, entertaining, food news – you name it. I skip lots of things that aren’t relevant to me (such as the fact that Lululemon is now selling beer) but I’ve learned a lot and found some good recipes. If I have a recipe or ingredient in mind, I often start my search there. The sister site, Apartment Therapy, has lots of great renovation and décor advice as well.

Buzzfeed Food

This may not be a blog or a “foodie” site, but I love it. I love lists, and some of the lists on Buzzfeed are hysterical. I’ve wasted way too much time this summer on the quizzes, even the ones that are totally obvious (“Which Harry Potter character are you?” = Hermione) or random. There are plenty of ridiculous things in the Food section, but I’ve discovered some good recipes and some new blogs to follow from their lists. And I realized that I was a food blog junkie when I scrolled through a list and identified which blog almost every recipe was from simply by recognizing the style of the photo!

I have many more sites I love (my “Food Blogs” folder in my browser favourites is the length of my screen!) but these are tops. What are your favourite blogs and food sites?


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