Friday Five – Favourite Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools

Welcome to my new blog series! On Fridays, I’ll be posting a list of five things I’d like to share with you, my “Friday Five.” Sometimes they’ll be kitchen-related, sometimes not. And knowing me and my difficulty with narrowing things down…sometimes they’ll be more than five! But Friday Five has a nice ring so we’re going with that. These posts aren’t sponsored and I’m certainly not making money from them – it’s simply a way for me to share products, places, tools and tricks that I’m using and loving. Watch for Friday Five posts during the summer and occasionally throughout the year!

Today’s topic: Kitchen Tools I can’t live without!

I’ve always been lucky enough to have a pretty well-stocked kitchen. My first few kitchens were rather sketchy (I really wish I could find a picture of the kitchen in my residence apartment – straight out of the 70’s!) But thanks to hand-me-downs, raids of my grandmother’s basement, stuff left behind by roommates, and generous parents and in-laws, they were outfitted serviceably, though a bit mismatched.

Since then, I’ve had a wedding (and a wonderfully generous community bridal shower), several Christmases and a lot of random kitchen gadget shopping. Needless to say,my kitchen is pretty well-stocked.

But there are 5 simple things that I use more than any other, that make many tasks easier.

Kitchen Tools


  1. Digital Thermometer. You can get super fancy ones, but I have a basic one similar to this that does the job. I use it when cooking any type of meat (see this post for my monologue about temperature and food safety.) I also use a thermometer to check the temperature of the liquid when making yeast breads, and when making candy.


  1. Silicone baking sheet. I’ve talked about these a few times already. I bake everything on them, from cookies to sweet potato fries. They’ll withstand really hot oven temperatures and nothing sticks to them. I have a brand-name Silpat and a knock-off from Stokes and I don’t really notice any difference in their performance.


  1. Cookie scoop. I think I’ve also mentioned my love for these a few times already! I have both a small and a medium and use them for cookies, muffins, meatballs, truffles…anything that requires small, even portions.


  1. Rubber Spatulas. I have multitudes of spatulas, of all sizes, colors and functions. I use them for so much – scraping bowls, folding batters, scrambling eggs. I find it really handy to have a few smaller ones around; they’re perfect for scraping off the mixer blade or getting tomato paste out of the can.


  1. Tongs. Super useful for turning meat and picking things up. I have a couple of dollar store sets but they’re falling apart and these ones are far superior. I like that the tips are silicone so they don’t scratch my non-stick pans.


Bonus: Guitar spatula. There’s a story behind this one!

Two years ago, when we were putting together our wedding registry, my husband spotted this spatula and wanted to put it on. I figured, sure, why not, so we did. He really wanted it, so I told him I’d buy it for him if we didn’t get it as a gift. We didn’t receive it, and I forgot all about it until I spotted the same spatula while waiting in a very long line Christmas shopping. Needless to say, he got that and some drumstick wooden spoons in his stocking that year.

That said, it’s actually a really useful tool. It’s big enough to flip a grilled cheese or quesadilla, nothing sticks to the silicone, and the edge is thin enough to slide under cookies.

There you have it – the things in my kitchen I can’t live without! What are your favourite kitchen tools? Let me know in the comments. Any suggestions for future Friday Five posts?


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